LSC 557 Libraries and Information in Society

People to Know

  • Lawrence Lessig

Articles to Read

Goals for Student Learning (from David Shumaker's Fall 2007 syllabus)

This course addresses competencies A.8, B.6, D.3, and D.4 of the “Competencies for Information Professionals of the 21st Century,” revised June 2003, by Eileen Abels, Rebecca Jones, John Latham, Dee Magnoni, Joanne Gard Marshall. In addition, the course addresses the Personal Competencies defined in the document by developing each student’s understanding of the strategic role of the information professional in any organization and in society at large.

  • A.8 Advises the organization on copyright and intellectual property issues and compliance.
  • B.6 Develops information policies for the organization regarding externally published and internally created information resources and advises on the implementation of these policies.
  • D.3 Protects the information privacy of clients and maintains awareness of, and responses to, new challenges to privacy
  • D.4 Maintains current awareness of emerging technologies that may not be currently relevant but may become relevant tools of future information resources, services or applications.

Subject Outline

(This subject outline was gacked with permission from compssummer2007 wiki.)

Main Text: Richard Rubin—Foundations of Library & Information Science

Topics to Review from Carrie Gardner's Spring 2007 syllabus:

  • Defining Libraries
  • Library History
  • Library Luminaries
  • Intellectual Property
  • Intellectual Freedom
  • Fair Use
  • Privacy
  • Ethics
  • Funding and Management of Libraries
  • Impact of Technology
  • Impact of Standards
  • Information Literacy
  • Media Consolidation
  • Professional Associations

To the Point:

In a democratic society, each citizen is a major stakeholder. The manner by which information flows in our society has a direct effect on our ability to make informed judgements and to take delberative action (Foundations of LIS, p. 124).

Issues to consider:

  • Intellectual freedom (access)
  • Intellectual property (copyright)
  • Library Mission, values and ethics
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