LSC 551 Organization of Information

People to Know

  • Michael Gorman

Articles to Read

Subject Outline

(This subject outline is gacked with permission from the compssummer2007 wiki)

Main Text: Arlene Taylor—Organization of Information

Topics covered on recent syllabus from Young Choi's Spring 2007 Class:

  • Organization of Information—Why and How
  • Concepts of Data, Information, Knowledge
  • Organization and Retrieval of Information
  • Representation of Information Entities
  • Tools and systems for organizing and retrieving information
  • Information Resources Description
  • Encoding Standards—MARC
  • Metadata
  • Authority Control
  • Subject Analysis
  • Controlled Vocabularies
  • Thesaurus
  • Library Subject Headings
  • Indexing
  • Categorization and Classification
    • DDC
    • LCC
  • Cataloging Internet Resources
  • OPAC Systems and system design
  • Interoperability schemes and protocols
  • Users and OPACs and bibliographic systems
  • Information Architecture
  • Digital libraries
  • Knowledge Management
  • Current Trends
  • Semantic Web
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