Organization of Information

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Articles to Read

Understanding Metadata
Future of Cataloging - a compilation of 11 articles
The Information Universe: Will we have chaos or control?

People to Know

Michael Gorman — co-author of AACR2, ALA president
Arlene Taylor — professor emerita, University of Pittsburgh, author of several books, including our 551 text.



From Understanding Metadata:

  • Descriptive metadata describes a resource for purposes such as discovery and identification. It can include elements such as title, abstract, author, and keywords.
  • Structural metadata indicates how compound objects are put together, for example, how pages are ordered to form chapters.
  • Administrative metadata provides information to help manage a resource, such as when and how it was created, file type, and other technical information, and who can access it.
    • Rights management metadata deals with intellectual property rights
    • Preservation metadata contains information on how to archive and preserve a resource.

Future of MARC

Will RDA Be DOA? A short tech article in LJ that sums up some of the problems the RDA joint steering committee is encountering.

Social Tagging

Tags helps Make Libraries Del.ic.ious - Library Journal Article recommended by Dr. Hsieh-Yee


Chief Thingamabrarian - Library Journal Article on Librarything and its melding of taxonomy and folksonomy



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