October 2014 Questions

Library and Information Science

Comprehensive Exam Questions

Fall 2014

Answer one question below. In grading the exam, the faculty looks for an understanding of core concepts, adequate knowledge of facts, and the application of principles and problem-solving skills in the library and information science field and the profession.

Question #1

  • Literature in library and information science makes frequent references to “born digital resources (or content).” For a library or information center of your choice, discuss the characteristics of “born digital resources (or content).” Identify unique challenges posed by “born digital resources (or content)” in two of the following areas: creating, collecting, organizing, accessing, disseminating and preserving information and discuss the strategies you would implement to address these challenges.

Question #2

  • The term "user-centered" is widely used in the library and information science field, e.g. "user-centered services" or "user-centered design." Explain the concept of “user-centered.” Discuss how it has influenced practices in the library and information profession. Provide concrete examples in your discussion.
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